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What I did
Branding, UI/UX, Web, iOS, Android
Roadtrippers Autopilot™
↳ What it is
Roadtrippers Autopilot™ is a cutting-edge and patent-pending AI road travel recommendation tool, fueled by exclusive human insights from more than 38 million planned trips spanning more than 42 billion miles.
↳ What I Did
As the Lead Designer on Autopilot, I was tasked with designing a new AI feature from the ground up that will help users create trips and itineraries in less than a minute. I thought of it as a standalone feature that could be integrated within Roadtrippers from anywhere, since users can start new trips from many places within the apps. I brought a fresh, non-chat AI style with AI generated images that was well received and kicked off the start of a rebrand of Roadtrippers.
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